Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Big Shot Snowflake Tealight

You'll need 2 die cut snow flakes.  Make sure you have good plates or those little ovals don't cut through.  :) 
A tea light candle.  You could use one of the battery lights also.  I covered the outside of the metal cup the candle sits in with Sticky Strip then rolled it in the Chunky Glitter.  Very festive!  
A long arm brad (like in the hodge podge kits).  I used this to fasten the 2 snowflakes together. 
Apply a Dimensional to the center of the top snowflake and stick the candle to this.  You can bend also the snowflake "arms" up and down for the tealight to stand up on the table.

For the candle I cased my friend Tanya Boser.  She did this last Christmas for tealight gifts.  Start at step 13 to see how to do the candles.

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