Monday, January 18, 2010

Pop Up Dirt Biker

This is really an easy card.  I'll try to show the steps I did.

Cut WW 5"x 8".
Score at 4".
Stamp the tree.  It needs to be higher as in the picture above.
Tear the hills from one of our browns.  Attach right above the fold line.
You will need to cut a spiral circle.  You are seeing this in brown as the piece of window sheet did not show well at all.  So cut this shape from a window sheet.
I attach one end of the spiral (Use Sticky Strip so it holds for repeated openings!) usually to the top if the card so it is centered up and down on the card..
To attach the other side remove the protective film and close the card.  Press down where the tape is inside.  When you open it you have your boing factor! Yours will be clear window sheet, of course.
To attach the biker cut a hinge piece from a window sheet.  (Shown here in Brown CS so it can be easily seen.)
The hinge is attached to the top side of the spiral, the biker on the front side of the hinge.  The biker will then lay flat when you close the card.

Cut a cloud with a slit to slide it over the end of the clear spiral on the top of the card.
Sponge the edges and some bumps in the cloud for texture with Going Grey.  Oops, forgot to do that!
You can see that in the very first photo.

Slid this over your spiral on the card to hide the adhesive. Yours will be attached to the card.  I did this to show you how much.

To hide the end with adhesive on the bottom of the card I covered it with the greeting.

Happy Stamping!

Mover and Shaper card

This is where I found the directions for this card.  Why rewrite a good thing?  Marie does a great job showing how to do this type of card.

This is what I was talking about for the gift card.  You'd need to attach it with glue dots.

CD Holder

Cut flap section of the box 8.5″ tall by 5 3/4″ wide .
Score from top edge at 3” and 3 ½”.

Cut box front 5” tall by 6 ¾” wide.
On 5” sides score at ½” and 1”.
On one of 6 3/4” sides score at ½” and 1”.
Apply sticky strip to outer ½” score area.

Stamp all over both pieces with Classic ink using Itty Bitty BGs.
Cut or punch out a half circle from top edge of box front.
Fold on all score lines.
Apply any ribbon or DSP decorative strips at this time.

To attach pocket to back flap:
Fold flaps in.
Attach bottom scored section to back flap first lining up evenly.
Attach sides.

Add Velcro dot for closure fastener.

Front decorative flap piece:

Chocolate Chip base 3” tall by 3 ½’ wide
1/2 Top Note die cut - sponge exposed end with same in for BG stamping.
Image layer - 3” tall by 2 1/2” wide
Stamp Extreme Elements dots image in So Saffron.
For the dirt biker image I stamped in Versamark
then in Ballet Blue, then on the CS.
I covered this with Glassy Glaze
and heat set from the bottom side of the CS.
Attach Brad
Attach flap decorative piece with sticky strip applied only at top edge.

CD Envelope:

Cut CS 10” by 5”
Score at 5”
On long sides score at ½”
Cut away the scored ½” section on one side of envelope piece.
Apply sticky strip to ½” score area.
Fold in half.
Fold flaps in over back side and attach with sticky strip.

Punch out half circle from one end.

Image layers:
Chocolate chip 3 “ by 3 ¾” .
Whisper White 2 ¾” by 3”.
Stamp lines for writing names of songs or movies.
Stamp biker image in Ballet Blue
 stamp off once stamp over line image.
Attach brads.
Attach to CD pocket.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Milk Carton Treat Boxes

Treat boxes for upcoming holidays.

Lookie Lookie! lol I got my little order today
and of course it had the Milk Carton die in it. 
I really love creating stuff with my Big shot and dies.
I used my friend Trina's idea for folding the cardstock
to make the the die cut bigger.

How tos:
1. Score and fold the the CS to 4.5 x 11 inches.  You want an smooth fold line.

2. Run it through the Big Shot with the fold just above the base fold line in the die.
Here I laid a white milk carton die cut under so you cou see where to place the cardstock.
You may have to experiment the plates.  The score lines tend to cut through.  I ended up using some well used plates that with all the cutting were thinner than the newer set I tried to use first.

3. Open, fold on four long score lines. 
4. Attach sticky strip to narrow flap on outer side. 
Fasten box by folding over in itself.

5.Fold ends in and staple.  I'm stapling at this point
to keep the box securely closed. 

6. Once assembled you can decorate. 
First I layered a 2.5 x 7 inch strip. 
Over that I layered a different 1.5 x 7 inch strip.

Materials used:

Pixie Pink, Tempting Turquoise, Pumpkin Pie Whisper White cardstock
Kaleidoscope DSP
Tempting Turquoise & Whisper White Grosgrain
Scallop Oval Punch, Large Oval Punch, 3/4" Circle Punch

Barely Banana, Whisper White, Retired Groovy Guava cardstock
Tall Tales DSP
NEW Chocolate Chip Satin Ribbon
Scallop Circle Punch, 1 3/8" Circle Punch

Happy Stamping!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Stencil Bleaching on Fabric

T shirt or fabric item
fresh unscented bleach
filtered tape water
small spray bottle
tag board liner - plastic to cover this
Ironing board or soft towel to iron in

Different fabrics will beach out differently.
If possible test bleach on inside area of clothing
or a scrap of fabric first.

1. Wash your item without using softener.
This removes any sizing in the fabric.

2. Use painter’s tape to attach stencil to shirt. You want to peel it off with very little stretching of the fabric. If you need to use other tape stick it to fabric once to twice first (so it will be less tacky) before attaching stencil.
To line up stencil where you’d like it on your chest. You can do this with shirt on.
Place tape at edge of top and side of stencil. Then with shirt off, you can get the correct placement for the stencil.

3. Line shirt with waterproof liner. Make sure it is laying horizontal before starting to spray bleach solution.
I used the tag board sleeve the stencils came in. I only cut one end of the package to slide the stencils out. You could use anything covered with saran wrap, or a plastic bag. You want the fabric pulled smooth but not stretched by the insert. I folded the extra shirt fabric under, so I wouldn’t get stray bleach spray on it.

4. Lay an absorbent napkin or paper towel 2-3 layers
around stencil edge to protect shirt from run off.

5. Mix fresh bleach 50 - 50 with filtered tap water in a small spray bottle.

6. Holding spray bottle about 5 inches away from stencil area spray short blasts in open stencil area.
Drops of the bleach solution will build up on stencil. Make sure to cover open areas thoroughly but do not drench area. Too much spray in the open stencil areas will cause design to bleed.

7. Carefully blot off excess bleach solution. Don’t wipe, just blot with absorbent napkins or paper towels.

8. Remove stencil. Let the shirt sit a minute or two, then remove the liner and slide the shirt over the ironing board or place a towel inside (this prevents the bleach from getting on the back side of the shirt. ) Iron on a low heat setting to dry shirt faster. The bleach solution has less chance to bleed out.
Shirt is set to wear. You can rinse the shirt if a strong bleach odor remains.
The shirt can be washed as instructed on care of t-shirt.

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Happy Stamping!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Party Favor Bag

Fabric 17” wide x 9” high
Sewing machine you do zig zag and straight stitch on or serger sewing machine
Thread to match or contrast with fabric
Stencil paints
Stencil brushes - preferably one for each color
Painters tape
Sturdy ribbon for drawstring - Grosgrain Ribbon works well
2 large eyelets
Crop A Dile
2 large beads optional

Stencil your design onto fabric.
Place water proof layer beneath fabric to prevent paint form staining work surface. Allow to dry. Use painters tape to hold stencil in place. You can use good post its (cut to size) or painters tape to cover open areas to prevent stenciling in wrong areas. Change with each color change.

Bag Assembly:
1. Zig Zag or Serge on one long edge of fabric.

2. Fold in each short edge ¼ inch. Iron flat. Sew edge seam so end of tube is finished.

3. Fold zig zagged long edge over toward back side of fabric 1 inch. Iron flat.  Sew straight stitch seam over edge of zig zagged edge to hold in place. This will be the “tube” for the drawstring to run through.

4. Fold fabric in half. Right sides together.  Sew short side from tube edge to bottom of fabric. Use either Serger or a straight stitch at ¼ inch and then a zig zag stitch along very edge.

5. Open flat, center seam just sewn. Stitch along bottom edge to finish bag. Use either Serger or a straight stitch at ¼ inch and then a zig zag stitch along very edge, to reinforce bottom of bag.

6. Turn right side out. Iron smooth on low setting. Iron from back side so as to not scorch the stencil paint.

7. Set a large eyelet in each corner using the Crop A Dile. You do not need to enlarge hole as for paper, fabric stretches around eyelet shape.

8. Thread ribbon from front through one eyelet, around back of bag through tube, back down and out the front through the other eyelet. Tie a knot in each end. You may thread a bead on before tying the knot.

Bag is ready to be filled with goodies.

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Happy Stamping!