Sunday, May 17, 2009

Faux Silk Technique

This technique works well with any floral set. I really like how it turns out using Eastern Blooms or Embrace Life. This is the card I made for the blog tour May15-16th.

Supplies you’ll need:
Tissue paper - I find the tissue with the shiny back works best. Less ink bleeds through.
SU Glue stick
Whisper White cardstock
Classic Dye Ink or SU Markers

This technique can used with any floral stamp set. I really like it with Eastern Blooms and Embrace Life.

1. Stamp images on tissue paper. Tissue should be larger than cardstock piece.

2. If your images are outline style you can color them in. Start in center of outline work out toward edge.

3. Ball the tissue up so it is totally wrinkled. Gently smooth out tissue. I like the wrinkles and fold that are created by leaving it somewhat crumpled.

4. Apply glue stick to the entire piece of Whisper White cardstock. I cut my card stock bigger than I want it for my card. I can then trim using the best image area.

5. Place tissue paper over Whisper White cardstock. Pat down. Smooth out most wrinkles.

6. Trim to size needed for card. You can now finish your card. This will be one layer of your card.

Here is a card I made with my clubs for this technique.


Dyeing Organza Ribbon
This is such a wow thing! I love that we can match this ribbon with all the colors we carry.
I learned this from Lisa Dallas - lisacat on Stampin’ Addicts

The ratio is 5 parts water or 91% alcohol to 1 part reinker

I use 10 of water and 2 drops of ink for about 12” - 18” of ribbon.I use tap water, it works. If you have hard water (high mineral content) you may want to use the alcohol. I did find some in the pharmacy dept. at my grocer’s.

1. In a Ziploc sandwich bag place 5 drops of water or alcohol and 1 drop of reinker for every 6” of ribbon you are dyeing. I use an empty reinker bottle for the water portion. When I was at Regionals and had to make more colored ribbon, I did drops of water off my fingers, it was slow but it worked!

2. Mix together.

3. Drop ribbon into bag. Seal and swish around. I tip and tilt until the ribbon totally soaks up the liquid. It goes fast.

If there is not enough dye for the ribbon you can add more into a corner. Add water first then reinker. Mix up, seal and tip toward ribbon.

Lay ribbon on foil or wax paper to dry. If placed on paper towels the color will be pulled out of the ribbon. If the shade is too intense I place ribbon between paper towels and pull ribbon through. This takes some of the color out. I then lay it on wax paper to dry. If dries fast. Within 30 mins.

Some of the colors I have done. The Ballet Blue was wiped down to lessen the color intensity.

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  1. Kim, Just saw this, it's been in the back of my mind for a long time to dye some ribbon, but didn't know how, then I fell in love with this ribbon and now see your blog.... how funny is that!!! Thanks so much for sharing how to do it....